Remodeling a bathroom in an older home can be very challenging, but in many cases, it’s worth the extra effort. Older homes have a unique history and charm, and with a few upgrades, you can add modern convenience and style without losing the individual appeal of the house. Older homes tend to present some plumbing problems that you might not experience in a newer space, so it’s important to be creative and open-minded when working on this project. Here are some bathroom remodeling ideas for older homes.

Embrace the farmhouse trend.

The rustic farmhouse look has been absolutely everywhere over the past few years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. This trend is very versatile, and it is appealing without being over-the-top, which makes it the perfect choice for older homes. Additionally, you may even already have some features that fit this style that you won’t have to change out. Try adding a white or light-colored coat of paint to the walls, and put a new finish on any wood to brighten it up. Sinks are a huge focal point in farmhouse bathrooms, so you’ll want to spend some time searching for one that’s classic but functional. Finally, new tiling in a classic style completes the look.

Add a few modern touches.

It doesn’t necessarily make sense to give an older home a completely modern makeover, but small modern touches are a perfect juxtaposition to a classic older structure. Try taking the features you currently dislike the most from your bathroom and replacing them with modern elements. For example, you may choose to replace your old, creaky toilet with a state-of-the-art new one, but keep your charming, classic sink. You can also try adding a few modern features, such as a new overhead lighting fixture or geometric mirrors, to bring things into the here and now without completely overwhelming the classic beauty of the existing space.

Go minimal.

When renovating, the saying less is more really applies. If your current space just feels too overwhelming, try taking things out to achieve a stylish minimalist look. Minimalism is currently trending, but it also has a certain timelessness to it that will keep your bathroom looking great well into the future. Focus on quality essentials and remove extraneous details that you don’t need. Take out anything that’s making the space feel too cramped, such as cabinetry or shelving. Whites and creams work particularly well for achieving a cleanly minimalist look in an older home.

Add beautiful antique pieces.

Just because a bathroom has a rich history doesn’t necessarily mean that it looks particularly appealing. If you want to keep your bathroom fitting with the time period of the house, start looking for stylish antique items that can give it an upgrade. For example, you can often find antique faucets and lighting fixtures at local thrift stores and boutiques. Distressed wood and metal are also quite trendy right now, and they work very well in an older home when paired with more elegant pieces.

Go for something woodsy.

If you want to bring some weight and sophistication to your bathroom, try a woodsy, rustic look. This is a great solution for remodeling larger bathrooms and making them look cohesive. This company has the best bath remodeling we’ve seen for this type. Classic wood cabinets look nice in a bathroom, particularly when paired with warm lighting that creates a cozy glow. Just be sure to add some lighter elements to ensure that the space doesn’t feel too oppressive.

Add a pop of color.

The best way to brighten up a dreary bathroom is by adding a pop of color that fits your personality. Light pastels work particularly well for bathrooms. You can try adding colored tiles to your floor or shower, or you can opt to paint one wall or half a wall with an appealing color. Add some decor elements that fit the cheery theme, and you have a bathroom that really adds to your home.

Remodeling an older home is easier than you think – you just need some patience and creativity. Try to focus on the small details instead of getting overwhelmed by the big picture. Even some very slight shifts in the decor of your bathroom can change the way it looks and feels.